Spectrum’s mission is to foster innovation and virtuosity in the arts.

Spectrum is a technology-intensive site for innovative music, multimedia and art.  We have comfortable furniture and a Steinway D piano that has been carefully maintained since it was purchased new in 2010.  We have a professional, 5.1-surround system as well as a more-advanced, ExFi (extreme fidelity) sound system with components designed and built by our Chief Science Officer Lawrence de Martin.  As of April 2014, we also have a decent gallery space for displaying art.

Practical information – please read before calling:

Tickets are purchased at the door.  We sometimes get near capacity, but have never had to turn anyone away.  We do have a few choice, comfy seats (couches, reclining chairs).  The doors usually open 30 minutes prior to the start of an event; showing up about 15 minutes before start will frequently help you get a good seat.

Please note that Spectrum by day is the office for two biotechnology companies.  It is also a place for fine chamber music and a place for thoughtful, considerate people to gather and discuss matters of general import.  None of these settings are consistent with visitors leaving a mess behind them.  Any mess audience members or musicians leave materially subtracts from the owner’s ability to develop medicines for for critically-unmet humanitarian needs.

We generally have refreshments available.  Audience members are requested not to bring beverages, and NEVER to leave beverage containers (empty or full; bottles, cans, cups or glasses) on the floor; they pose a significant hazard.

Audience members (again) are admonished not to bring beverages.  Management has spent an inordinate amount of time cleaning up the refuse of empty and partially-empty (!) beverage containers (beer/wine bottles, beer cans and an disturbing number of half-empty water bottles); we really are through with that.  Performers should bring beverages only after getting advance approval from management.

We have noticed that people who bring in alcoholic beverages in brown paper bags tend to be the least-considerate of audience members; they often leave refuse in their wake and in general they detract from the dignity of the proceedings.  Some of us find them profoundly annoying.  Please do not be one of these people.

All shows at Spectrum (unless otherwise noted) tend to be:

$15.00 General Admission

$10.00 Students and Seniors

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